To ensure that our service is as user friendly as possible we use so-called cookies.
A “cookie” is a small text file which a webserver (for example the webserver) sends to your browser when you visit a website. So-called “transient cookies” expire at the end of the browser session and can capture your activities during the browser session. In contrast to these, “persistent cookies” also are saved on your terminal and are able to capture your settings or activities on multiple websites.
Cookies pose no risk to your computer, as they are simple text files and not executable programs. The cookies on the City Airlines website ( are used both to ensure convenient browsing and to collect statistics on use.

No personal data is stored in the cookies used by us.

It depends on your browser’s settings as to whether the cookie file is stored or deleted. If the file is stored, our webserver can recognize your terminal. Next time you visit the site or when you switch between functions requiring you to enter a password, the cookie can save you reentering your information. This is how cookies make it easier for you to use websites requiring user input. Additionally, cookies can help us offer you the most personalized, optimized surfing experience, as long as you give us permission to do so.

This is unless you explicitly reject cookies and deactivate them as set out below:
You can set your browser either to receive our cookies or use our website without cookie functionality. In the latter case however your text entries in our form fields cannot be saved for future searches, and you will have to input your data again when you next visit our website. In this case we will also unfortunately not be able to present personally tailored content to you.

Your browser may already be set to display a warning whenever it receives a cookie. As the identification cookie must be resent every time an individual page on our website is opened, this warning can be very disruptive. We therefore recommend that you set your browser to always accept cookies from You can change this setting for individual websites.

You can find more information on the use of cookies and on how to deactivate cookies at www.meine- or

City Airlines also includes the data contents of third parties at These third party providers can set cookies, while you visit and in doing so can, for example, get the information that you called up on Please visit the websites of third party providers, to get further information on their use of cookies. If you have decided fundamentally not to provide or to revoke your consent (deactivation of cookies) for the use of cookies, which are subject to approval; you will only be able to use those features on our website that are guaranteed not to use cookies.

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CookieConsentSaves your consent to using cookies.1
_pk_sesShort lived cookie used to temporarily store data for the visit.SessionHTMLMatomo
_pk_idUsed to store a few details about the user such as the unique visitor ID.1 yearHTMLMatomo